SVN: Expected FS format “2″ ; found format “3″

So I updated the svn server on my linux box earlier this week from 1.5.1 to 1.5.3, compiling from source.  When I tried to create a new repository using the command svnadmin create dir, I saw this error message when I tried to connect to the repository using tortiose svn on windows xp: Expected FS format “2″ ; found format “3″.  I spent a lot of time on Google trying to figure out what could have caused this and how I could fix it.  Some posts that I found said that there were probably old svn libraries lying around somewhere.  This may have been the case for some people with this problem, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t the case for me since I removed my old libraries as per the instructions from the 1.5.3 install guide before I compiled.  I found one post that was different from all the rest I had seen.  I forget where it was but basically it said that there was probably and old version of svnserve running on the server and that was what was causing the problem.  I did indeed have svnserve running in the background as a daemon, so I killed the process and restarted and what do you know, the error was gone.  Hopefully this tip can help anyone else that might be having this problem.  I only found this solution in 1 other place and I was about to give up after a long and fruitless search.

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